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2009 Conference Overview


ENERGY 09 was held at the Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa, from the
28-29 January 2009.


The conference was attended by a good cross section of delegates and the speakers covered a wide range of topics.

Consistent with the theme of the conference, speakers emphasised the issues affecting Africa.


There were some key messages that arose from the conference:-

  1. Only about one third of Africans have access to modern forms of energy. In order to redress this situation energy supply to Africans will have to grow four times by 2050 relative to what it is today.

  2. There is enough physical energy on the African continent. The challenge is to develop the energy sources and to deliver the energy to where it is needed.

  3. Africa has a great need for investment in the development of both financial and human resources.

  4. Through aligned and visionary policy options it will be possible to address both the needs for access to energy and the need for sustainable energy supply.

  5. Investors need legislative and regulatory regimes that are stable and predictable and which assure protection of physical property, intellectual property and commercial rights. Governments and regulators have a key role to play in achieving this.

  6. All energy options should be kept open; fossil, nuclear, hydro, renewables.

  7. Africa is competing with other regions of the world for investments. Only the most robust of projects that also have sound risk management options will be attractive.

  8. The private sector and governments have to work together as partners to plan and implement strategies for Africa’s Energy Future. Without mutual cooperation and trust meaningful progress towards a sustainable energy future is very difficult, if not impossible, to achieve.

  9. Do not confuse “information” and “intelligence”. There is an abundance of information [data] but a woeful lack of intelligence [the critical analysis and interpretation of the information].

  10. There is a real need for bold and visionary leadership in energy, both in government and in the private sector.